Matos Velo 04.07.2023

Catalyst Race and Disc 34 RS

"In the mountains, I was able to appreciate the bite of this system" - Guillaume Robert

(translated from original review published in French)


7/6/2023 10:25:02 AM

Wielerverhaal 06.03.2023

Disc 34 RS and Disc 28 E

"We are even amazed at the quality and controlled braking power...As satisfied as with the Yellow Kings and the Black Prince rim brake pads, we are now also with the disc brake models!" - Jeroen Eyskens

(Original review published in Dutch. English text by Google translate.)


3/7/2023 10:54:11 AM 14.02.2023

SwissStop Catalyst Race Disc Rotor - 160mm

"Silent performance straight out of the box along with excellent braking performance whatever the riding conditions." - Stu Kerton


2/15/2023 9:46:02 AM 29 09 2022

What can you do to upgrade the performance of your disc brake system?

"Running the Catalyst rotors with the RS pads led to solid braking performance with quiet rotors." - Josh Ross


10/4/2022 12:02:41 AM 30.11.18

SwissStop Black Prince: Power for carbon

The Swiss brand SwissStop produces specialty brake pad compounds for every rim material. With its Black Prince compound it is possible to obtain power, progressiveness and endurance on a carbon surface., France


12/10/2018 3:35:40 PM

World of MTB 01 2018

SwissStop Disc E pads highlighted in January 2018 issue of World of MTB.

World of MTB, Switzerland


11/22/2017 6:53:09 PM

Tested: SwissStop EXOTherm Brake Pads

Mike Blewitt of AMB Magazine reviews the SwissStop Disc 28 EXOTherm brake pads, commenting that "the brake feel really won me over". Read the full review.

AMB Magazine, Australia

Read the full review

12/14/2016 9:52:19 AM

FlashPro GHP2 Best On Test

Brake pads for alloy wheels 'Shootout' at Cycling Plus awards the SwissStop FlashPro GHP2 "Best On Test".

Cycling Plus concluded that the FlashPro GHP2 were "the fastest stopping pads in both the wet and dry, and modulation is fantastic, so you can judge and surf the tyre breakaway point almost as well as discs"

Cycling Plus, UK


11/20/2015 3:55:13 PM

FlashPro Yellow King long term test

Long term test of the SwissStop FlashPro Yellow King by Cycling Weekly. Pads reported to be "performing well regardless of the wheel brand, in both wet and dry conditions".

Cycling Weekly, UK


11/20/2015 3:38:14 PM

Disc Brake Pad review in Bike Magazin

SwissStop brake pads were among those tested recently by Germany's Bike Magazin. SwissStop pads received good results, including a 'very good' for the Disc28S and a "TIPP" recommendation for the Disc28e based on the very low pad wear rate.

These great test results would also apply to the other models in the SwissStop product range which use the same Organic, Sintered and Disc e compounds.

A PDF summarizing the test results for all 3 compounds of the SwissStop Disc28 model is available for download.

Bike Magazin, Germany


11/14/2014 11:27:02 AM

SwissStop Black Prince featured in June issue of TOUR Magazine

June 2013 issue of TOUR Magazin includes a review of SwissStop's new 2013 Black Prince compound for carbon wheels. Text in German.

TOUR Magazin, Germany


6/1/2013 3:00:00 PM

SwissStop Black Prince featured in March issue of Ciclismo

March 2013 issue of Italian magazine Ciclismo includes an article featuring SwissStop's new 2013 Black Prince compound for carbon wheels. Text in Italian.

Ciclismo, Italy


3/13/2013 3:00:00 PM

Review in Cycloservis

A review from Czech publication Cykloservis, issue 19, 2011

Cykloservis 19/2011, Czech Republic


11/8/2011 2:00:00 PM

Velo Plus Brake Test

Leading Swiss bicycle retailer comissioned a disc brake pad test at the renowned Velotech test lab in Germany. Test report in German.

Velo Plus Magazin, Switzerland


3/17/2010 3:00:00 PM

EDGE Composites 1.68 tubular wheel review

James Huang reviews the 1.68 carbon tubular from EDGE Composites. He reports that "braking is buttery smooth and predictable due to the dead straight and flat brake track and included SwissStop Yellow King pads"., International


2/5/2010 2:00:00 PM

Brake Caliper Review from Tour Magazine/February 2010

Tour Magazine reviews brake calipers from Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM. The SRAM calipers show the best overall performance and feature SwissStop brake pads.

Tour Magazin, Germany


2/1/2010 2:00:00 PM

2010 SRAM Force Groupset - Review

"More stopping power, improved lever feel: Force's new brake calipers now get made-by-SwissStop pad inserts" takes a look at the 2010 SRAM Force Groupset and reports several improvements to the components, including refinements to the caliper design and SwissStop supplied brake pads., International


1/14/2010 2:00:00 PM

Easton EC90 SL tubular wheels - Review

James Huang of reviews the Easton EC90 SL wheelset. He comments "When it comes to time to stop, the included Swiss Stop Yellow King pads offer up some of the best performance on carbon rims, with good power and excellent modulation with very minor – and very manageable – grabbiness in dry conditions.", International


12/10/2009 2:00:00 PM

SwissStop Yellow King - Road review

Bike Matters puts the SwissStop Flash Yellow King pad for carbon wheels through a range of tests on both carbon and alloy wheels. "The screeching normally associated with a carbon braking surface disappeared completely, and modulation felt as our road bike had suddenly been equipped with disc brakes."

Note that the link to the Bike Matters web site is no longer available., United States


10/16/2008 3:00:00 PM

Aero Carbon Wheels

Review of deep section carbon wheels, including braking tests. Braking results with SwissStop Yellow King pads (as supplied by the wheel manufacturer) show among the shortest stopping distances. This includes the Easton EC90 Aero, FSA K Force, Mavic CCU, Reynolds DV UL and Roval Rapide.

Top Vélo, France


4/2/2008 2:00:00 AM

Light Carbon Wheels

Very thorough test of low profile carbon wheels from 10 of the industry's leading manufacturers. Brake testing includes measurement of stopping distance with original supplied pads (Green Bars, distance in Metres), and also a reference pad from another company (Red Bars, distance in M). The wheels supplied with SwissStop pads have very short stopping distances. This includes the Easton EC90 SLX, Lightweight Ventoux, Reynolds KOM and Roval Alpiniste SL Carbon. Also worth noting is that when the Bontrager XXX Lite is used with the SwissStop Yellow King, stopping distance is reduced by over 25% (the * annotation explains that the red bar indicates Bontrager used with SwissStop - the other red bars are stopping distances with Bontrager pads).

Top Vélo, France


6/1/2008 3:00:00 AM

SwissStop Yellow King brake pads - do these come in bulk?

Review of the SwissStop Yellow King pads from reporting "Braking on each of our carbon testers (we sampled four from four different manufacturers) was simply eye-opening as it was the first time we'd experienced braking quality that good on the stuff, wet or dry.", Australia/USA


6/12/2007 2:00:00 AM

Braking at its best

Online article looking at brake pads for disc brake systems, standard road calipers and ultralight calipers, calling SwissStop "the most advanced brake-pads available to the public"., Germany


5/4/2007 2:00:00 AM