SwissStop R&D

Systematic quality controls are made during each phase of production. REX Articoli Tecnici received ISO 9001 certification from SQS in 1990. All production data is stored in an EDP system. Finally, we carry out physical laboratory testing on the products to ensure they meet all of the design specifications.

Every brake pad has a decisive impact on brake performance, particularly in wet conditions. Improve your brake performance with the SWISSSTOP® “Aqua Stop” (GHP) compound. The good brakes you already have become better and more dependable. When used with the appropriate rim material brake performance easily complies with the DIN 79100 standard. In both the SWISSSTOP laboratory and in the field our brake pads are continuously tested and improved. Special compounds can also be developed and produced. For further information contact your sales representative.

To simulate practical use in the laboratory we us the most modern devices and dynamic test equipment available. With such equipment we are in a position to simulate a variety of situations, including environmental, workload and application. With this equipment we can test a variety of different rim and brake pad combinations. We can also perform both dry and wet condition tests.

Naturally practical testing is very important to us. It is for this reason that we equip selected individuals and teams with our products. We use feedback from these programs to in the development and improvement of our products.