EXOTherm compound

EXOTherm compound


Maximum pad life. Minimum brake fade.

EXOTherm combines an extremely durable, smooth modulating pad compound with a cooling fin equipped back plate which provides consistent, powerful braking in all conditions.

  • pad wear rate is much lower than competitors
  • smooth, consistent brake performance
  • lightweight at 22 grams per pair (Disc 28 EXOTherm)


0 (worst) - 10 (best)

Heat Tolerance: 10
Longevity: 9
Modulation: 9

Model Details

8 Models

model compound fits
Disc 25 Disc 25 Formula RO Racing, T1 Racing, R1 Racing, R1, C1, CR3, T1, RO, Mega, The One, RX, RR1
Disc 26 Disc 26 SRAM XX, XO, DB 5,3,1, Level TL,Level T,Level, Avid Elixir 9,5,3,1,CR
Disc 27 Disc 27 Shimano XT BR-M8020, SAINT BR-M820, ZEE BR-M640
Disc 28 Disc 28 Shimano XTR BR-M9000,BR-M9020,BR-M987,BR-M988,BR-M985, XT BR-M8100,BR-M8000,BR-M785, SLX BR-M7100,BR-M675,BR-M666, DEORE BR-M615, ALFINE BR-S700, BR-RS785, BR-R785, FSA K-Force DB-TX-9000, Afterburner DB-TX-9150
Disc 30 Disc 30 Magura MT 2,4,6,8, Campagnolo Road Disc
Disc 31 Disc 31 SRAM Guide Ultimate,RSC,RS,R,T, Avid XO Trail, Elixir 9 Trail, Elixir 7 Trail
Disc 32 Disc 32 SRAM Red eTap AXS (Gen. 1 'Mono-Bloc' caliper),eTap HRD,Red 22 HRD (B1), Force Force 22 HRD (B1),Force 1 HRD, Rival Rival 22 HRD (B1),Rival 1 HRD, Apex Apex 1 HRD, S-700 HRD (B1), Level Ultimate,TLM (2016-2019)
Disc 34 Disc 34 Shimano Dura Ace BR-R9170, Ultegra BR-R8070, 105 BR-R7070, Tiagra BR-4770, GRX BR-RX810,BR-RX400, BR-RS805, BR-RS505, BR-RS405, BR-RS305

Tech Docs

Tech Info

Based on the award winning SwissStop Disc E compound, the EXOTherm provides high performance braking at all levels of use while minimizing pad wear.

Brake system temperatures are dramatically lower than standard pads, reducing wear on pads and rotors.

Lower temperatures also mean more consistent brake performance by reducing brake fade - the reduction of brake power caused by overheated components.